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  • Project name :Gaming PC
  • Category :Troubleshooting/Repair
  • Client :Jaed
  • Complete date :30 Nov, 2020

Solution For Gamers

-Problem- We got a call on a Wednesday night around 8 pm from a frustrated customer who was fed up with trying to solve his issue with his gaming PC. He asked if we could come right away. The issues he described over the phone were his PC would turn off automatically after a few min and if he would try to turn it back on, it would shut down within 1 min. He said he has been trying to troubleshoot this issue on his own for 3 days now and hasn't been able to game for his followers on Twitch. We told the customer, do not worry, we will have you up and streaming again for your 100s of viewers by tonight. --What we did-- 15 min after our phone call with our customer we were at his doorstep. We first powered on the PC and saw that it would load BIOS, then try to load windows 10 OS but then Boom! it shut off. We started the computer again and opened up the BIOS. Within the BIOS setting, we noticed the CPU temp at 100 degrees. Immidetly we safely shut the PC down and knew we had a problem with cooling. We asked the customer when he built his PC if we ever applied the thermal paste to the Intel chip. He did not even know what thermal paste did so of course he didn't apply it. We took the cooling fan off the chipset, applied fresh thermal paste, re-applied the cooling fan, and powered it back on. ---Results--- This time when we opened the BIOS, the CPU temp was around 40 degrees. Which are normal temperatures for your PC. We waited 15 min and confirmed our issue was with the CPU chipset shutting the PC off due to it reaching high temps that could have caused more damage if it did not abort and shutoff. The customer was so happy he could play league of legends again for his followers on twitch, we even stopped for 30 min to watch him play and cheer him on!