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Case Study Information

  • Project name: Scanner problems
  • Category: Scanner/Troubleshooting
  • Client: Ms.K
  • Complete date: 30 Nov, 2020

Solution For Work from Home


We got a call on Monday morning around 8 am from a work from a home teacher who was very frustrated with her scanner. For the life of her, it would not scan her book and her class with her 30 online students was starting in 1 hr and needed some help right away. With one google search, she found geeky and asked if we would come to support her at home.

--What we Did--

10 min after Ms. K's phone call we arrived at her door to help her before the class starts. We first tried to do a test scan and noticed the process she was using to scan her documents was not the fastest way at all. She was wasting so much time going back and forth to her scanner and computer with multiple steps that all could be done within 5 steps. We installed the correct drivers for her scanner and got the scanning functionality back up and running. Then we installed HP smart print that allowed her to scan her documents using the HP Smart application rather than her 20 step manual process.


Ms.K was over the moon when she heard the scanner tray work and saw her book was finally scanning. She even thanked us a million times for making her smart printer finally a smart printer. She was able to save over 10 min on her daily scanning duties with the new HP smart scanning application that we installed and taught her how to use and was ready for her next class without any technical problems. And if she ever runs into one in the future, she knows who to call. Geekzy!