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Case Study Information

  • Project name: Slow Laptop
  • Category: Laptop/Troubleshooting
  • Client: John I.
  • Complete date:  21, July, 2020

Solution For Work from Home


We got a call from John on a Tuesday around 11 am saying his laptop used for work is running so slow and he needs someone to clean it up and make it run fast again.

--What we did--

We arrived at John's home within 15 min of his phone call to us. Upon arrival, we asked him to show us the problem he's having. John was having issues connecting back to his company's CRM page and assumed it was his laptop that was running slow. We first did a test to prove that this connection issue with his companies CRM was not related to the laptop or internet, but the hosting server where the CRM resides. We connected his laptop to another wifi separate from his home one and still saw the CRM page load slowly. We then used another laptop connected to his home wifi network and still experience slow connecting issues. After convincing John this issue is not related to his laptop or internet, he reached out to his colleagues to see if they were having a similar problem and they all conquered. We then used this time to do some regular maintenance on his laptop while we were already here. We updated his Operating System from windows 7 to windows 10 as windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and vulnerable to security threats. We also updated his BIOS and Drivers, cleaned out old temporary files, and installed a new anti-virus on his laptop.


Even though the problem John called us to resolve was out of our hands, we still provided him great value by updating his windows 7 machine to windows 10 and optimizing his laptop so that there will be no future technical problem that will keep him away from work. He also appreciated that we took the time to educate him on the software on his laptop and how to do basic diagnostics for future problems.