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Case Study Information

  • Project name: Wi-Fi Enhancement
  • Category: Wi-Fi/Troubleshooting
  • Client: Tausif K.
  • Complete date: 30 Oct, 2020

Solution For Wi-Fi Enhancement


We got a request on our app for Wi-Fi Enhancement from our client after being fed up with how bad his home internet was. He couldn't watch Netflix movies without it buffering and decided it was finally a time to give a call to Geekzy.

--What we did--

Using our app, we notified our client that we were here & got the directions to their house within 20 min. We asked our client to show us the problem they were experiencing. After doing a speed test we noticed the customer was getting around 80mbps download speeds on a wifi laptop they regularly used. We started from the top on our analysis list and did a speed test at the modem (which is the true speed test) and noticed we were getting around 500mpbs download speeds. So we confirmed speed was not the issue but the wi-fi router itself. We counted 6 home users with around 2-3 devices each + smart home devices, that is around 20+ devices connecting to a stock modem/router provided from their ISP. This is like jamming 20 cars on a 1 single road. We recommended our client to operate the duties of modem and router(wifi) and presented with disabling the wifi on the modem and attaching an Asus ROG Wifi router to support the number of devices in his 2500 + sqft home. We then configured his wifi by; changing the admin password, setting a strong wifi password that other devices will use to connect to, and made sure the wifi wasn't broadcasting on a channel that was occupied by a neighbor Wi-fi.


Now after we installed and configured the brand new Wi-Fi for the number of devices this client had in their home, we re-did the speed test and were getting around 500mpbs download speeds, just like we did when we ran our speed test from the modem. This proved to us now the new Wi-Fi was more powerful and cable of supporting 20+ devices smoothly. Our client and his family members were so happy that they all can stream as much as they want and get strong wifi signals in every corner of their home.