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Highly recommend!👍 My family and I live in a 3 story detatch (plus basement) and we were continuously having issues with my router & modem dropping our wifi with no notice (with Rogers). I could not get a steady and strong connection for 24 hours… was that to much to ask for? It was a nightmare 😪(especially during this pandemic most of us were working from home). I couldnt begin to understand what was wrong after a terrible week so I finally gave up.
I started to research and looked to get help without getting overcharged or purchasing something that isnt wrong (lets not forget, none was willing to come check my issue in a pandamic) and then I found the Geekzy App service. 🤓
The Rep took his time and walked me through the entire process within a few hours. Now our connection is being utilized to its full capacity! We also got tips on a new router we were looking for, thanks for narrowing down this one for our household it’s a rocket 🚀 (ASUS AC5300 Tri-band). Will definitely use the service again and will also recommend to family and friends! Thanks again!